Before starting Maureen’s Flat Belly Breakthrough program I was struggling with what foods I needed to eat to get on a healthy “diet”. So many times, I would not eat thinking that’s the best way to lose weight. Wrong!  Maureen’s plan guided me in the right direction. Young or old, underweight, overweight this program is for you to get eating healthy – for your body as well as for your mind. 

Mary Kohn, Rochester MN, 57 years old

Before I started working with Maureen in her VIP coaching group, my diet and exercise were sporadic at best. I “sort of” knew what I should be eating and doing for exercise as mature, over-forty lady. Maureen took the guesswork out of it for me, and did it the most gentle, yet confident, way. She met me where I was and built from there. Each week we added a new healthy habit and the exercises in the group became a little more challenging. Today, after my 90 days with Maureen, I am confident in my eating and exercise choices. Maureen understands the over forty female mind and she spoke in a “language” that was easy for me to understand. I can’t recommend Flat Belly Breakthrough highly enough!

P.S. I also lost pounds and inches!

Leslie Millican, League City TX, 45 years old

Before using Maureen’s Flat Belly Breakthrough program my life was busy and I wasn’t paying as much attention to my health and nutrition as I needed to. Within the first two months, I became more focused; Maureen really helped me dial in my nutrition. I loved the support and accountability she offered, and the weekly challenges and check-ins.  I’m so glad I joined this program because today I am in much better health!

Shawn Stevens, Fenton MI, 53 years old

Before joining this group, my life was out of control.  I was able to get back on track and make better food choices.  It’s about moving more and exercising.  By being in the group you’re able to hear input from others who are having the same issues.  Sharing new ideas and ways to prepare foods has helped.

I now have the tools I need to maintain a healthy life and to stay on track.  Thanks again!

Judy Blackburn, Houston TX, 62 years old

Before joining this group my life was busy and never took time for myself. Within the first two months these are the things that improved in my life; better food choices and improved exercise routine because I put it in my calendar. I’m so glad I joined this program because today because Maureen was there for guidance, support, recipes and patience to keep me motivated to succeed.

Colette Bellwoar, Devon, PA, 58 years old